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10 YouTube Channels That Will Make You Smarter

Think about what kind of videos you watch all day on YouTube. Watch videos on YouTube for music videos, funny videos, and movie trailers or to find solutions to any problem. Some may prefer to watch videos about technology. Subscribe to all his technology-related channels on YouTube. But it cannot be dismissed that most people play YouTube to pass the time. Not getting any work, sat down and watched videos on YouTube. Spending time watching videos is not bad at all. Actually, people watch these videos to spend time. But there are many who are fans of a particular channel. They sit and wait for the video to come out from that channel.

Well, what if the time spent watching videos on YouTube could be spent a little smarter? Watched videos, spent time, and learned something new. There are many YouTube channels whose purpose is to teach you, and me, something new and introduce you to new ideas. Suppose you are sitting in a traffic jam or spending idle time at home. If you can learn something new without sitting unnecessarily, then what’s wrong? So let us introduce you to 10 YouTube channels from which you can learn something new every day.


There is hardly a person who regularly watches educational videos on YouTube or works with new ideas but has not heard of Ted. What is Ted? TED is an idea-sharing platform. The words said by prominent people at TED conferences are shared with everyone on this YouTube channel. What topics do they talk about? They talk about education, medicine, industry, trade, jobs, and travel. The purpose of their speech is to reach everyone so that their ideas and words reach them. Because of Ideas worth spreading.

Part of Ted’s website; Source – https://www.ted.com

They use separate YouTube channels for everyone’s convenience. Use Ted-ed when talking about education. Here they present all new ideas about education along with various educational words. When they hold a conference on a topic, they use Ted-talk. One thing about Ted-talk is that the speaker has to finish his speech here within 18 minutes. The speaker can talk about any topic that will be useful for the audience to hear. It may be an educational speech or a business discussion.


“This is SciShow and we hate not knowing” – you must understand what is meant by this word. There is no end to knowing. New things are happening in this world constantly. There are also cases that happened long ago but still do not know the reason. From the mysteries of the sea world to the exciting events that happen across space. From the origin of computer viruses to the rise of our immune system. All these things are talked about in SciShow.

This channel mainly talks about the world of science. This channel will make you think about science in a new way.

Big Think

Now let’s think about something where philosophy and politics are intertwined with science. Well, what do philosophers think? When the country’s economy begins to collapse, how should the next decision be made? What are the steps to achieve self-esteem? Is time travel really possible? Are very talented people born talented? This channel appears with such thoughts and ideas. If you are introduced to these thoughts, you will start thinking about the world anew. You will start thinking about solving complex problems. Will learn many new things.

It’s Okay To Be Smart 

Think about it and tell me what you want to know. Space? Virtual reality? Habits of your pet dog? Bee honey? Is the shape of the earth round or flat? By looking at the name of the channel, you can understand that knowing these things is not a bad thing. You can learn about things that interest you. And for that, the It’s Okay To Be Smart channel will help you. This channel will show you detailed information about all the mysteries of the world.


How to think about science? Earth, space, mathematics, physics, the human mind, and more! You will get answers to all your questions on this channel. Just think, what would happen if everyone in the world jumped together? What would happen if the sun in our solar system suddenly disappeared? Is our world really round or flat? You will get answers to such questions on this channel. This channel mainly discusses various major theories and concepts of science. The way it is discussed here is enough to make you think about science in a new way.

Common Sense Education 

Common sense is not a matter of learning. This is a matter of practice. But in some cases, it seems people really need to be taught some common sense. Surveillance of people’s private affairs, bullying where there is, showing a sense of responsibility, blurring between the online world and the real world and many other areas seem to require a separate class for some people. But it is not possible to call everyone in the class and explain. So this channel is there to convey the right message to them.

This channel does not only make videos on these topics. Here are different videos on what qualities an ideal citizen should have in today’s age, what to do to be an ideal parent, and how a child’s mind works. Moreover, this channel also talks about how the world has become bearable or miserable in the eyes of today’s youth.

The Infographics Show 

How does it feel to know information? No, I’m not talking about any interesting facts. Not information that can be learned by reading like a story. I am talking about all the information that needs to be read without understanding. Anyone who has to memorize something without understanding it knows how annoying and difficult this task can be. Sometimes while reading, don’t you think that if someone presented this information in a different way? It would have been easier to remember if the information was presented in a funny way.

Part of the website- The Infographics Show

The Infographics Show makes it easy for you to remember this information. They make animation videos on various topics and present them on their channel. They make videos on political, scientific, sports, and medical topics. The videos are truly informative and are quite entertaining to watch due to the cartoon animation. They make videos only with information but not like that. They also make animation videos on famous funny incidents. They present all these funny riddles in front of everyone through cartoon animation.


Think of one thing. Was the way you were brought up from childhood, the way you were taught, the way you were introduced to the world around you enough? Or could things have been a little different or more beautiful? Of course could!

There are many beautiful and modern rules for teaching children politeness, empathy, and teamwork. This channel has many videos on how to teach these rules to children. There are also some things that should be given more importance in the development of children.

In a Nutshell

This team of illustrators, animators, number crunchers, and one dog aims to spark curiosity about science and the world we live in. To us, nothing is boring if you tell a good story.


Image by MinuteEarth

MinuteEarth is a series of short illustrated stories about science and our awesome planet! MinuteEarth is produced by Neptune Studios LLC.

All the channels discussed here make videos with their target audience in mind. Keeping their channel core content and bringing new information to the audience every time. If you want, you can make videos like these and share your words with everyone. You don’t always have to rely on YouTube channels for this. If you want, you can share your video on Facebook with everyone.

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