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Why volunteering is important in student life

“Volunteering at university has improved my well-being a lot and gives me a regular routine beyond studying and time to socialize with people I might not have met otherwise,” Kelly Wing, a linguistics student at the University of Cambridge, says about the benefits she gets from volunteering.

Students who volunteer report that they gain many benefits from it, including better time management, opportunities to meet new people, satisfaction from having helped others, and improved mental well-being. Xheni Brahaxhija, an accounting and finance student at Kingston University, says that volunteering has sparked new interests that are helping her to “figure out what I want to do, now and in the future”.

Although volunteering is a personal choice, volunteering has a special significance in student life. Let’s see why volunteering is so important in student life.

Perfect time

Student life is a perfect time to volunteer. After finishing our studies, when we are busy building a career, we can’t give time to many things even if we want to. In student life, there is less responsibility, less economic thinking, and there are opportunities to experiment.

Make a good network

Volunteers can interact with people of different ages in different professions. Almost everyone gives a lot of importance to volunteers. It is also easy to catch the eye of any important person if you can do your job properly. So volunteering will give you the opportunity to meet new people without any pressure or expectations.

Students in volunteering; Image Source- Unicef

Career goals

Volunteering will help you set your career goals. What kind of career you want to build, what kind of work you may have to do in that job — you can learn by volunteering.

Develop new skills

Volunteering helps to develop new skills. Not only that, you can develop this skill professionally. When working with professional people, you can see with your own eyes how they are working, how they are developing their skills, what skills they are prioritizing, how they are overcoming shortcomings, and how professional manners are being maintained. At the same time, he will be able to use his own life.

Develop your social and relationship skills

Volunteering enhances social and relationship skills among people. Many introverts cannot maintain social relationships. Many people can’t even adapt. It’s hard to build relationships with too many people. Which causes inconvenience in all areas of life.

Passion and positivity are the only requirements

Whether it is education or a job, it takes many kinds of requirements to get a chance in all areas of life. But passion and positivity are the only requirements in volunteering. If you are a positive person, if your field of volunteering in your area of ​​interest and passion, then this is your only qualification as a volunteer.

Depression can be overcome

It is normal to be depressed about various aspects of student life. There is no chance of getting depressed due to busyness in volunteering, different types of work, or mixing with different people. Even if someone has depression, it can be overcome.

Volunteering brings happiness; Image Source- Pacific Science Center

Are you a student currently volunteering? How has volunteering helped you? I want to hear about your experience. You never know when one more person will get motivated by your experience!

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