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Does Russia invade other countries?

Many are confused about the Russia-Ukraine issue, this post is for them. Although borrowing some ideas, I’m trying to make the whole thing a little easier.

Many years ago there were siblings from Russia, Ukraine and some other countries in Northern Europe whose parents were in the Soviet Union. Russia was everyone’s big brother. But suddenly their parents (Soviet Union) died on December 26, 1991. After the death of the parents, all the siblings became separate states and shared the property left by the parents, which included drones, nuclear weapons, biological weapons, etc.

Since Russia was the eldest brother of all, he gained the largest share of the property. As the days went by, Russia continued to improve with its acquired assets.
But most of his siblings have not been able to develop themselves
 and no Russian siblings except Belarus can stand him. Because, according to them, Russia is bullying and selfish. That is why Russia’s relations with its siblings are deteriorating. Meanwhile, they make friends with other countries like America, Britain, France.

Image/ 24 News Recorder

But Russia is not satisfied with this, it wants to get its whole family back and preserve the family heritage. Although it is against their will. Russia, however, wants to get its siblings back, especially to Ukraine, for its own benefit. Ukraine is the second strongest country after Russia in terms of agricultural products, defence industry and military bases.
As I said before, Russia inherited the most property. Through this, he trained millions of military soldiers. As a result, Russia currently has the most powerful military power and ranks 2nd in the Global Fire Power Rankings.

Now you must understand how much stronger Russia is than Ukraine! That is why Ukraine is very scared about this. Although he does not want to return to Russia, he knows that Russia has the power and that Russia can force him to return. In this panic, Ukraine wants to join NATO.

NATO (NATO- North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is a member of the military alliance, the United States and many other countries. The United States is the largest and most powerful member of NATO. NATO’s main goal was to stop Russia’s aggression in Europe after World War II.

The basic principle of NATO is — Injury to one, injury to all. Of course, Russia does not want Ukraine to join NATO. Because Ukraine’s accession to NATO means increasing NATO’s expansion into Northern Europe, which is a threat to Russia. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the United States has not kept its promise to expand NATO in Eastern Europe in 1990, which is why it does not trust NATO.
This means that many Russian siblings joined NATO after the death of their parents in the Soviet Union. Now, if Ukraine joins NATO, Russia will not accept it.
That is why Russia has deployed more than 1.5 million troops on the Ukrainian border since last year.
There is also a saying that the enemy of the house is terrible?

Crimea is the name of an autonomous republic and peninsula in Ukraine, where the pro-Russian people are in the majority, that is, the Communists are in the majority. In 2014, the Crimean people voted to leave Ukraine and join Russia, and Russia occupied Crimea.

Russian Invasion In Civilian People/Reuters

Last but not least, there is an area called Donbas in eastern Ukraine which has two regions — Donetsk and Luhansk. In both cases, there is the full support of Russian-backed rebels. Russia is helping the Russians in these two regions to create divisions within Ukraine in order to weaken Ukraine. In 2014, Donetsk and Luhansk declared independence. Russia also recently recognized the declaration of independence of Donetsk and Luhansk on February 21, 2022. Military tensions now surround Ukraine.

This is the main story. In international politics, everything is a game of power politics, so there is an interest above all else.

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