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A Pakistani PM meets with a Ukrainian PM to discuss how to surrender in the war

PM Imran Khan met with Russian President Vladimir Putin a few days ago in the midst of the Ukraine-Russia war crisis. Among them was asking for USD 1 billion in donations. President Putin was unhappy with Imran Khan’s request for money during such crucial times, even as he declared military operation in eastern Ukraine. An angry Putin ordered his army general to drop Imran Khan in some remote parts of Ukraine. Pakistani PM Imran Khan used the opportunity to meet the Ukrainian President.

Considering Pakistan’s previous experience of surrendering in war with Bangladesh, Imran Khan shared tips on how to surrender in war with the Ukrainian President. He further asked for some money in exchange for the tips he had given to the President of Ukraine. The military of Ukraine gave some treatment to Imran Khan, which is being portrayed as a discussion.

After his bilateral talks with Russia and Ukraine, PM Imran Khan was found among a group of students asking for help for a rescue so as to save his money on his return journey.

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