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From Afghan refugee to Danish footballer; how Nadia Nadim is inspiring residents

Nadia Nadim. Nadim is a footballer from Denmark in Europe. She recently won the French League title with PSG and just joined Racing Louisville FC.

Nadim’s story is an inspiration to many. She was born in the city of Herat. In 2000, her father who served as a general in the Afghan National Army was executed by the Taliban. Her father was murdered by the Taliban when she was 11 years old and her family fled to Denmark on the back of a truck.

Nadia has scored almost 200 goals in professional football and represented the Danish national team 98 times. She’s completed medical school and is studying to become a reconstructive surgeon when her playing days are over.

Nadia Nadim in training

She speaks 11 languages fluently and is on the Forbes list of Most Powerful Women in International Sports. Fighting in the face of adversities and coming out stronger and brighter is what makes a hero. One such hero is Nadia Nadim.

If you want to show your daughter a role model, show her Nadia Nadim.

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